Nottingham Non Surgical Hair Loss Systems

The non-surgical hair replacement systems are custom designed exclusively for you. Non-surgical hair replacement systems can be worn to restore your own hair gradually, or you could opt for fuller, thicker hair instantly. You can select your precise colour, style, and texture & hair density.

For special occasions you can wear your non-surgical hair system in a sophisticated up-style, or down for everyday wear. The non-surgical hair replacement systems are so versatile; you can have a natural parting anywhere within the hair replacement system.

Nottingham Hair Loss Clinic Elite9

We have selected the finest assortment of non-surgical hair replacement systems exclusively for you.

Remy Couture Stockists in NottinghamRemy Couture Stockists

We are stockists of the ultimate hair collection Remy Couture internationally by Sleek.

Available in colours:

  • 1/1B
  • 1B/2
  • 2/44/6
  • 5/6
  • 99J
  • 613
  • 4/5/27
  • 5/6/30
  • 10/12/613
  • 10/16/18
  • 12/16/613
  • 27/613
  • 33/130

Remy Couture Stockists in NottinghamNon-Surgical Hair Integration System

Non-surgical hair integration system without any medical surgery. This procedure is extraordinary for a busy lifestyle and extremely cost effective.

The integration non-surgical hair systems are suitable to cover all area of the crown. They are suitable for men or woman with crown thinning or hair baldness. Your natural hair is integrated, not covered. This ensures your scalp can breath, the results are astonishing.

A full head of hair that looks and feels like your own natural hair. Non-surgical integration hair systems are hand made using the softest Swiss or French lace. The integration hair system is individually customised to suit you and your specific lifestyle.

Once applied the integrated hair system looks and feels 100% natural. The non-surgical integrated hair systems are made with 100% human hair.

Remy Couture Stockists in NottinghamFull Non-Surgical Hair System

The full non-surgical hair replacement system is designed for women with severe hair loss or extreme cases of hair baldness. The non-surgical hair replacement units are made with the softest Swiss or French lace.

Once the system is parted the hair appears to be growing naturally from the scalp.

Elite Nine Hair Clinic has created a variety of the finest non-surgical hair systems from across the globe. You have a selection of hair density, length, thickness, in an array of colours and variety of styles.

The system can be worn up or down.

The full non-surgical hair systems are cosmetic and do not require any medical intervention.

Remy Couture Stockists in NottinghamElite Nine Integrated Weaving System

This system is a natural way to create hair thickness, within any area of the hair. Elite Nine integrated weaving systems, are an exceptional way to acquire hair thickness; particularly within the Crown area.

Elite Nine Hair Clinic use Swiss or French lace and integrate natural hair using the weaving hair technique. This technique can generate a full head of hair, especially within the Crown area.

Once the integrated weaving system has been applied, it creates a natural flawless finish combined with your natural hair.