Bespoke women’s hair systems

Bespoke Hair Systems

For Women

Elite Nine Hair Clinic Nottingham have collaborated with world leaders in hair loss systems.

Our objective is to offer you the most revolutionary hair systems within market. Elite Nine Nottingham Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems have been designed for women suffering various types of hair loss Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Lupus, Trichotillomania, Traction alopecia etc; they can be produced from soft fine Swiss lace, French lace mono or skin fibres. Your consultant will discuss your chosen method of material during your consultation.

Once your systems have been applied and styles you can have a parting anywhere within the system and it will appear as if natural hair is growing from the scalp. Elite 9 Nottingham bespoke full lace systems can be worn up curled even straightened. They can be created in a selection of colours You chose your hair densities, length, and curl pattern wavy curly straight. You have a variety of styles free style, styled with a bang, front or middle parting. Once your hair system as being applied it is completely invisible to the eye and can be instantly life changing.

Womens Silk Integrated Hair System

Silk Integrated Hair System

Nottingham bespoke woman’s silk top injected hair replacement system.

They are customised silk top hair replacement systems that look 100% natural and can be parted anywhere. This integrated hair system is made to the same texture and colour of your natural hair you can wear your hair up or down.

Hair type silky straight, curly/wavy/body wave/Afro curl. Your choice.
Base construction silk top/skin/lace/ mono. your choice
Hair Density 130% 150% 180%
Hair Direction free style side parting  centre parting or created with a front or side bang.
Hair length: 12inch 14inch 16inch 18inch your choice

Bespoke Mono with PU

Nottingham Bespoke Mono with PU all around with a lace base the monfilament design means that it looks and feels like your own natural hair, you can choose your base design from either French or Swiss Lace. The added poly perimeter ensures this hair systems durability. The base design is pleasant and easy to wear the injected skin means they are no knots anywhere on your hairpiece. Once fitted they can be worn in  any desired style, you can wear your bespoke system up or down. Once your hair system has been fitted it creates the illusion of your natural hair growing from the scalp providing a flawless finish.

BESPOKE MONO base size: your choice
Hair length; your choice
Curly/ straight/ wavy: your choice
Density 130% 150% 180%
Hair colour: your choice
Hair Direction freestyle are designed to integrate with your natural hair.

Bespoke Mono with PU
Womens bespoke hair system, before and after

Full Lace Hair System / Lace Front

The full lace hair systems are custom made to suit you individually.

You can choose the base construction from either Swiss or French lace, the lace is so soft and smooth and has no knots.

These systems are handmade and the hairs are implemented  individually creating a hairline that looks exceptionally natural.

They are made with adjustable elastic bands on both sides.

You have the option to choose from a lace front or a full lace system all of which would be discuss in your one-to-one consultation.

Base construction; FRENCH/SWISS/MONO/SKIN your choice
Hair Density 130% 150% 180%
Hair Length 14inch 16inch 18inch: your choice
Hair Type Euro straight Wavy/Curly/Body wave/Natural wave
Hair Direction you for lace system can be created with side parting/middle parting/side bang/ full bang.

Elite Hair Clinic Nottingham has created the most perfect hair system for thinning hair. This can be made specifically for the crown area, or any specific area. Elite Nine Nottingham Bespoke Hair Systems can be produced from skin material or lace material even mono. Once fitted they instantly restore the appearance of your hair and generate extra thickness volume and length. They are custom designed exclusively for you. Bespoke hair systems can be worn on a day-to-day basis. They can be blended with your natural hair and can be connected using a magnitude of techniques. These systems take around 6 to 8 weeks to be made and are available in numerous colours.

Your Consultation

Elite Nine Nottingham Hair Clinic offer a free one to one consultation.

Your consultant will take accurate measurements of your specific a loss area.  They will also ensure a colour sample of your natural hair is taken to create an absolute perfect colour match.

Elite Nine Nottingham Bespoke Hair Systems are designed to integrate with your natural hair creating a natural flawless finish.  Any style can be achieved they can be created with, middle or side parting.  Your consultant will assist you with your choice of hair density, colour, hair length and hairstyle.  You have a variation of choice in terms of materials used. We have many methods of attaching each system using a variety of techniques to suit your individual lifestyle.  Again, your method of application will be discussed during your one to one private consultation within our Nottingham hair clinic.


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Our commitment is to bring you quality and excellence the best teaching experience. We aspire to deliver our proven business concept through our first-class training modules.