The Constance Collection

The Constance collection is a superior range of Integrated bespoke hair systems and wigs, which Elite Nine have created with the help from some of the best companies in the world of wigs and hair pieces. The Constance collection is suitable for women suffer from frontal Fibrosis or female pattern hair loss and numerous Alopecia conditions. These are how superior range and are all customised to suit individual clients. They take around 8-12 weeks to be made.

What is remarkable about the Constance collection is you can design you very own template created especially for you, with the choice of a silky base, Mono fibre skin and silicone based hair systems that can be integrated or made into lace or lace front wigs. You can also select a full lace wig, lace front wig or the integrated hair system that can be made specially to fit the crown area flawlessly.

The Constance Collection offers a range of integrated hair systems or full lace or lace front hair systems. you have a endless choice made out of the finest material.

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