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Your consultation is carried out by Elite Nine Nottingham Qualified Trichologist within our private Nottingham Hair Clinic.

We offer you a one-to-one consultation lasting approximately around 45 minutes to one hour. The cost of your consultation will be just £100. Your consultation will consist of a full medical examination during which your Trichologist will ask vital and essential questions to assist with your diagnosis.

Elite Nine Nottingham Trichologist works simultaneously with your GP and this is essential for all relevant blood testing. As Trichologist we know hair loss can be caused by significant factors such as fibroids dysfunctions, autoimmune disorders, diet, medication, recent surgery, iron deficiency’, chemotherapy treatments, and genetic factors. Blood test can be extremely helpful in the process of eliminating essential vital characteristics.

What to Expect at your Trichology Consultation

During your diagnosis your Nottingham Trichologist will conduct a thorough investigation. This includes looking beneath the scalp for dormant or absent hair follicles. Elite Nine Trichology’s will assess the strength or weakness of your natural hair.

Once they have completed your initial diagnosis your Trichologist will produce a unique treatment plan proven to aid your hair regrowth.

Nottingham Elite Nine Trichology Clinic offers extensive range of scalp treatments tailor-made for each individual patient. Our treatments therapy has been carefully selected for men and women covering all types. These significant treatments have been researched for over a 50-year period resulting in the most revolutionary hair care treatment therapy within UK. These products are proven to announce elasticity, strength, body, thickness, volume. Essentially treatments can also reduce breakage, dryness, and improve the general scalp and hair condition. Our Nottingham based hair clinic as a variety of shampoos and conditioners for your individual conditions. Itchy scalp or dandruff we have array of choice. We can recommend a selection of vital hair supplement vitamins and minerals. This will all be discussed in your personal one-to-one consultation and incorporated with your treatment plan.


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