Nottingham alopecia hair loss clinic

Elite Nine hair clinic are proud to present:
Non-surgical hair replacement systems

Designed for men and women without any medical or surgical intervention.

Elite 9 hair clinic are experts in non-surgical hair systems. We have trained professionally to become hair loss specialists with over 25 year’s experience. We have studied the non-surgical hair replacement systems across the globe after years of research, study and investigations, we have created a collaboration of the most exquisite non-surgical hair replacement systems from around the world.

Elite 9 non-surgical hair systems are 100% natural we offer you a choice of styles, colours, length and textures. The end result is a stunning comfortable style yet with a flawless natural finish. Full non-surgical hair replacement systems are designed for men & women with severe hair loss. We know hair loss can create anxiety and distress and contributes to a loss of confidence.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement SystemsNon-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

You can choose any style, any length, & any colour.

Same client six different looks!

Elite 9 hair clinic are proud to present an extensive range of non-surgical hair replacement systems, uniquely custom made exclusively for you.

Non-surgical hair replacement systems are cosmetic and economical, when compared with any other medical replacement surgery for hair loss. At Elite Nine Hair Clinic, after a one-to-one consultation, you will never have to feel embarrassed or apprehensive about your hair again.

Our pledge to you; we guarantee 100% satisfaction in terms of product and 100%, contentment in terms of services. Our non-surgical hair replacement systems have been selected from the best suppliers in the world and have been sampled and tested on our repetitive clientele.

Our objective is simple!

We believe all Men & women should have the choice of styles, texture, hair density and colour. We guarantee your hair will appear completely natural. We ensure your natural scalp will appear ordinary and visible when your hair is parted, and will appear to be growing from the scalp. The result is absolutely remarkable.

With the integrated hair replacement systems, we guarantee no colour difference between your natural hair and your non-replacement hair system. Elite Nine Hair Clinic pledge to you 100% customer satisfaction.