Nottingham Non Surgical Hair Loss Systems for Men

Nottingham Mens Hair Systems

Elite Nine Hair Clinic are specialists in non-surgical men's hair systems. The hair systems are so remarkable once applied; they create the illusion of the natural hair growing from the scalp. Elite Nine non-surgical hair systems are undetectable and can be designed in a range of styles and colour.

The system will immediately enhance your self-image and also your professional appearance. Elite Nine custom-made hair replacement systems are made from the highest quality Remy Hair.

Our unique systems are customised and made to fit you individually. Non-surgical hair systems are essentially a fantastic revolution. You have an endless choice of styles colours and hair densities to choose from .Elite Nine Hair Clinic are specialists within our field. We are experts within the world of non-surgical hair replacement systems with over 15 year's expertise. Our dedicated team are with you from the beginning of your journey. We guarantee you 100 % satisfaction in terms of quality and service.

Elite Nine are proud to present men's non-surgical hair integration system.

Please note all client images used are Elite Nine Hair Clinic.

Remy Couture Stockists in NottinghamNon-Surgical Hair Integration System for Crown Area

Integrated hair systems are remarkable for a busy lifestyle and can be extremely cost effective.

The integrated non-surgical hair systems are suitable to cover all areas of the Crown.

It can also be used just to add extra hair thickness.

It is suitable for men with thinning hair within the crown area.

Your natural hair is integrated not covered, this guarantees your scalp can breathe; it's exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Once created it gives you a natural flawless finish.

The integrated hair system is created using the softest Swiss or French lace.

Integrated hair weaving system can be used for one-off occasion or can be worn all year round.


Remy Couture Stockists in NottinghamMen's Hair Replacement System Non-Surgical

Super fine Swiss lace system

Poly skin lace system is ultra-thin skin hair system, which creates a natural flawless hairline. Once the system is applied it provides the illusion of hair growing from the natural scalp. No matter how close people look your hair system will look incredibly genuine.

The superfine Swiss lace system is perfect in every way and is a undetectable hair system. Many of our clients repeatedly choose this system, as it is easy to wear cost effective and creates a perfect look.

This system is enormously popular it carries the benefits superfine Swiss lace, yet the superfine Swiss poly perimeter is extraordinary. The poly perimeter allows the system to be attached using a tape and adhesive around the inner base. The inner base of poly is a protective barrier generating an extra shield adding more durability to the system.

They are easy to wear exceptionally natural looking.

Superfine Swiss lace front with French lace base system

This system is marvellous the super natural hair system creates a flawless undetectable hairline. The system is renowned for its durability and comfortability. This system is one of the most fashionable and cosmopolitan hair systems. This system will immediately increase your confidence and guarantee you a natural flawless undetectable finish.