Cynthia Hair wig

0 out of 5

100% human hair lace wig

The Cynthia Human hair wig features this beautiful and glamourous Hollywood wave for effortless style in a centre parting. The 100% human hair Cynthia wig also has handtied lace front and lace parting, to ensure this wig has a natural and realistic hairline with an adjustable wig cap.


Halle Hair Wig

0 out of 5

Synthetic wig

Short, high top wig with pin curls and fringe. This wig is razor cut to taper at the nape and features wet look style.


Joy Hair Wig

0 out of 5

Human hair lace front/back/parting wig

Featuring the highest quality 100% Brazilian virgin hair, the Joy wig is a natural hairstyle also features a 360 lace (minus the ears) with a 4” deep parting.


Jumbo Afro wig

0 out of 5

The Jumbo Afro Wig is perfect to create an afro style statement, these fine curls mirror Afro hair styled in a dramatic fashion.

Larry Hair Wig

0 out of 5

Human virgin hair wig

Larry is a sleek, smooth side parting with sweeping fringe detail styled to frame the face in this cropped style.


Lisa hair wig

0 out of 5

Remy Human hair wig

With a gorgeous curl pattern this side flicked fringe with a 4” deep parting, the Lisa wig alludes glamour and sophistication. Made from Remy hair for a high-quality wig.